The Boyenga Team is dedicated to offering the highest level of service in guiding and representing our real estate clients. Our goal is to be regarded as the Real Estate Team that is trusted and respected because of our integrity, high standards, moral convictions, ethics and unparalleled service. We believe that through teamwork and focusing on our clients needs our team can continue to provide representation that is unrivaled in the Silicon Valley.

Our Mission

the Boyenga Team has climbed to be among the top real estate teams on the Peninsula selling Eichlers and other mid-century modern homes.  “Like a classic car, vintage watch, or fine wine,one of the things that is so wonderful about Eichlers is their timeless architecture,” Eric says. “Janelle and I feel fortunate to represent clients who understand there is much more to these post-and-beam gems than what meets the eye.“When purchasing an Eichler, you are not just buying a home—you are acquiring a lifestyle that only a select group appreciate and understand. It is a true testament to Joe Eichler’s forward thinking that these homes are so highly sought after today and that their demand continues to outstrip their supply.”So what’s the secret of the Boyenga Team’s success? First of all, always doing what is best for their clients, Eric points out. For two decades the Boyenga Team hasguided and represented their clients to insure they make informed and sound financial decisions.Secondly, the Boyengas’ success also stems from their passion and enthusiasm for Eichlers and their understanding of mid-century modern architecture and the unique breed of people drawn to them. “The Eichler clientele shares our same passion for these architectural gems,” Eric points out. “Working from this common ground, we have a natural connection and share similar visions and values that enable our clients to have an exciting and successful experience.”
When it comes to teamwork, it’s hard to find a partnership like Eric and Janelle Boyenga. As the Boyenga Team, the husband-and-wife realtor team have complementary backgrounds—but insist their teamwork and client focus is key to their success.Janelle started as a designer in San Francisco, while Eric was in the marketing department for an engineering firm. Over 20 years ago they took their side interest inreal estate to the forefront, a transition made smooth by their common backgrounds and interests. “Janelle, with her design and communication background, can give clients guidance on how to prepare their homes to sell for top dollar,” says Eric. “With my experience in spec housing and development, I can readily determine whether or not a seller needs to upgrade, the costs involved, and how that will factor into the sale price. Over the years, we know our strengths and weaknesses, creating a synergy that is impressive and results oriented.”As a result, at Keller Williams Real Estate,
The Boyenga team can offer you valuable assistance in all phases of the buying and selling process and will provide you with the representation you deserve.  We welcome you to a free no obligation consultation whether you are buying, selling or just looking for expert advice.  
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